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Empowering Recruiters

The first step of hiring is always the hardest. Recruiters overextend themselves, often without proper support, pulling from a near-infinite pool of candidates.

So often, only a fraction of these candidates meet the minimum requirements.

With Technology

With ClubReq, your company and recruiters can fill roles faster using AI powered, measurable applicant-vetting technology and qualified first-round interviewers who are experts in their industries.

With Time

Quickly identifying quality candidates, ClubReq accelerates the top-of-funnel interviewing process and gives recruiters the tools they need to make smart hiring decisions, fast.

More Features

Post and Manage Open Roles in Minutes

Conveniently Integrate Your ATS

Narrow the Interview Pool with ClubReq’s AI matching technology and industry expert interviewers

Review extensive interviewer feedback of pre-qualified candidates

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Created by Recruiters

We know the pain points of the recruiting process because we've experienced them. ClubReq was created to make interviewing and hiring simple and efficient.

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