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Integrate your ATS and customize your roles, departments, and managers. Don't have an ATS? Easily import your data in bulk instead.

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Activate and deactivate candidates individually or in bulk.

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See detailed feedback from the initial interview screening at a glance and accept or reject candidates with the click of a button.

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Without subscriptions or membership fees, you can use ClubReq only when you need to.

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ClubReq enlists the best of 21st-century screening tech and real-world professional interviewers.

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Pay by the interview minute at a fair, role-based rate—no subscriptions or recurring fees.

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Review a hand-picked pool of candidates who truly fit your role description. Make decisions with both tech-based data and personal interview feedback at your fingertips.

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Customize screening questions, configure interview instructions, and detail relevant company information. Industry-expert interviewers do the rest.


Have questions about hiring with ClubReq? We've got answers.

How can we ensure that interviewers are well-trained and equipped with the necessary skills to evaluate candidates' qualifications effectively?

ClubReq interviewers undergo thorough vetting to guarantee they have the necessary skills. Our use of a rating system ensures mutual accountability, enhancing the overall interview process.

How do you select and QA/Vet Interviewers?

Interviewers undergo an interview process by our ClubReq Team to make sure they meet our strict quality standards.

Are there specific interview questions or formats that can help assess candidates' qualifications more comprehensively?

You have access to default and custom question options.

How many questions should I include in my role?

You should tailor the number of questions to the length of the interview. Shorter interviews (ex: 20 minutes) should have fewer questions than longer interviews (ex: 45 minutes). We recommend including 5 to 15 questions based on the interview length and complexity of the question. When in doubt, we would rather you provide more questions for the interviewer so that they can manage their time appropriately. Put the questions in order of importance so that the most important questions are first.

What strategies can we implement to mitigate bias in the selection process and ensure interviewers make objective assessments of candidates' qualifications?

At ClubReq, mitigating bias has been a major focus. Our approach is to anonymize candidate information, provide diversity and inclusion training for interviewers to raise awareness and foster a more inclusive mindset, standardize interview evaluation criteria to ensure consistency across all candidates, and  regularly audit and assess the selection process to identify and address potential biases.

How can we establish collaboration and communication channels between interviewers and other stakeholders (e.g., hiring managers, HR) to ensure a shared understanding of the qualifications required and improve the overall selection process?

Conduct regular collaboration meetings for your customers, involving hiring managers and HR to align on job requirements and qualifications. Establish clear documentation protocols to record and communicate candidate feedback consistently, and foster an open feedback culture, encouraging stakeholders to share perspectives and insights on candidate qualifications.

Can I use ClubReq without an ATS?

Yes! Let ClubReq be your ATS, and get even more out of your subscription with our soon to be released, ClubReq ATS Pro: a system that provides you with an already-vetted pool of candidates for you to choose from, based on your job  requirements!

How can I ensure a fair and unbiased interview process? Are there any measures or guidelines to follow to avoid discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion?

ClubReq’s tool promotes diversity and unconscious bias by the following: 

Providing the same set of questions to all candidates helps to ensure that each candidate is assessed based on the same criteria, reducing the impact of personal biases.

Expert Interviewers: Leveraging industry experts can help in making more informed and fair assessments, as these interviewers are likely to focus on relevant skills and experiences.

Diversity in Interviewers: ClubReq has a diverse pool of interviewers to bring varied perspectives and reduce the risk of unconscious bias.

Bias Training: ClubReq offers training for interviewers on recognizing and mitigating unconscious biases.

Feedback Mechanisms: ClubReq provides a system for candidates to provide feedback on their interview experience, which can help identify any biases or unfair practices.

Regular Review of Questions: ClubReq continuously reviews and makes suggestions for modifying interview questions to ensure they are inclusive and relevant to the job requirements.

How do I add and edit users?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the tab “Manage Users” on your top dashboard.
  2. Click the Green Neon button titled “Add a User”
  3. Enter all required fields and click the “Create User” button
How do I add a department?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the tab “Department”  on your top dashboard.
  2. Click the Green Neon button titled “Add Department +”
  3. Enter the department name in the required fields and click the black button “Create Department”.
How do you Upload new roles and applicants?

Adding Roles:

  1. Click the tab “Manage Roles” on your top dashboard.
  2. Click the Green Neon button titled “Add a Role”
  3. Enter all required fields and click the “Create Role” button

Adding Applicants:

  1. Click the tab “Departments” on your top dashboard.
  2. Click on the department that you would be aligned with the role you would like to add the role under.
  3. Click the Grey Arrow point to the right and that will take you to the Department dashboard. button titled
  4. Once you are on the Department page, click  “Manage Applicants” and follow the prompted instructions.
How do I mark a role fulfilled/close it out?
  1. Click on the manage role Tab on the Dashboard
  2. Select the role that you would like to deactivate
  3. You will be prompted to select, how you would like to disposition the role
How do I push applicants to the interview stage? (activate)

Once you review the applicant and ClubReq AI’s Job Match Score, you can click the activate button to push the applicant to ClubReq’s team of the recruiters to screen the applicant.

How do I accept or reject applicants?

Post receiving the prompt to review the screening results, you will need to  review the screening notes and either accept or reject the applicant post reviewing the notes and recorded video conference screening.

What happens next after I accept an applicant?

If you have accepted the candidate, the employer should contact the candidate and invite the candidate for an onsite interview to ensure that it will be a dual fit for both the candidate and the employer and proceed with your offer process. If you need assistance with creating an offer process, please reach out to your ClubReq rep, as we can facilitate that process for you.